Who We Are

Suzugia provides solutions to the most intellectually challenging problems facing global financial markets. We help investors along every step of their decision-making process, enhancing transparency, accuracy, and efficiency while making it more comprehensive and nimble through the power of artificial intelligence.

We do not just leverage data; our proprietary (explainable) AI engine scans deeper and broader than human capacity, finds causes and effects and enhances your performance in the following areas with a unique forward looking approach.

Powered by Real AI

Pioneering NLP algorithm based on sparse machine learning, capturing significance & causality, invented by Suzugia

Industry Focus


Our solutions span from liquid to illiquid markets and anything in between in the financial industry

Scalable Solutions

Deploying the incredible power of AI to augment humans and enhance your decisions (read returns) at scale

We have coupled our knowledge and experience in the financial markets with deep expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence and translated that into scalable solutions that helps investors make enhanced decisions, more efficiently and gain higher returns.


No. Active Themes in Constant Exploration

5 GB

Size of Text Input

12 Sec

Time to Read, Learn & Code

50 MB

Size of Structured Knowledge

AI-Powered Investment