Few Examples of NLP Captured Themes – January 2021

[post_pandemic], [economic_productivity]

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way consumers buy, learn, work and bank hence has stimulated an
acceleration of some existing trends such as [digitization], [renewables] and [food security]. Consequently, some
industries such as [semiconductors], [electric mobility] and [maritime transportation] have witnessed rapid growth.
Significant increase in efficiency and productivity as well as securing a [diversified supply chain] (where possible) are
amongst the necessary challenges to tackle in order to ensure the continuation of this growth.

[reflation _shortage_chips], [auto_chips]

The growing dependency of multiple industries such as computer makers, [mobile devices], [EVs], and [connecteddevices]
on [chip manufacturers] has started to cause a concerning bottle neck for all players.
The automotive industry, in the race for the acceleration of producing electric vehicles, has started lobbying
governments as the worry about concentrated chip manufacturing grows.

[reflation], [agri], [post_pandemic], [commodity_super_cycle], [green_economy]

China committing to carbon neutrality by 2060 and Joe Biden re-joining the Paris Agreement, is making the
[decarbonization] push both global and synchronized. The increasing pressure to adhere to environmental and
social ethics and the rebound in demand and consumption in the [post pandemic] world will likely translate into
higher commodity prices.


Managing the long-term impact of the wind and solar farms being installed at an extraordinary pace is a challenge as
there are hardly any plans for the disposal of these systems, which have their own environmental hazards such as
toxic metals, oil, fiberglass and other material.