[dividend_yield], [post_pandemic], [supply_shock], [home_cooking], [crossborder_trade]

Even though the bears on long duration have lost some momentum, [inflation expectation] has continued to strengthen. Investors have started to diversify their hedge against potential future [inflation] by investing in firms with strong profitability and ability to deliver above average [dividend yield].
Intersecting with sectors that have strong fundamental reasons to thrive in the [post pandemic] world, tackling global [supply chain disruptions], while still benefiting from the continuation of [home cooking] trend, SZ-AI has picked a few food manufacturers that outperformed their peers.

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[economic_recovery], [agrifood], [household_savings], [postpandemic], [local_production],  [wellbeing]

The [agrifood] industry was put under huge pressure in 2020 and businesses globally are still fighting this crisis in different ways. COVID-19 has created new trends and consumer preferences and priorities some of which persist as we progress into 2021.

One of such trends is an increased focus on [health] and [wellbeing], whether it be due to people having more time at home during lockdowns or amid fears of falling ill. This is a trend that is likely to continue even after the pandemic subsides.

This trend coupled with households’ excess savings has caused a shift in spending patterns towards healthy and fresh food products.

One of the strong contributors to the monthly performance was a premium grocery chain that has been enjoying an increased popularity in its fresh produce. They have responded to the supply chain issues and increased costs of some commodities, by utilising local [farm to market] models and short-cycles.

economic recovery agrifood household savings postpandemic local production wellbeing