Artificial Intelligence for Private Equity Investors

Sourcing, Selection & Shortlisting

  • Current Portfolio Analysis
    1. New Investments & Add-ons
    2. Signals for Best Time to Exit
  • Risk Analysis


Identify deals before they are available broadly

AI-powered macroeconomic analysis, enables Suzugia to see what is on the horizon in different industries and where the biggest opportunities lie.

We identify weak signals such as high growth potential and lack of cashflow, early signs of distress, succession issue, etc. and spot businesses that are potentially ready to sell.

Make well-informed pre-selection and save valuable time and resources

The deal flow will be customised to you. We take into account your criteria and preferences. Suzugia provides optimal efficiency and runs a comprehensive screening process, shortlisting the potential deals to the ones with the highest levels of synergies and probability of high returns.

It takes two to tango

We map your value-add against your competitors, match them with the needs of the company in question and provide you with convincing arguments on why they should choose you.

AI-powered Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)

AI-powered Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)

  • Intelligent information extraction
  • Risk analysis
  • Validating claims
  • Competition Analysis
  • & much more


Maximizing efficiency, accuracy and transparency

For the shortlist deals sourced by Suzugia, we take the sophistication of investment to another level. Suzugia is transforming the daunting task of preparing CIMs into a quick, thorough and transparent process, providing you with all there is on your target company with the power of NLP.

We search, read and analyse billions of sources structured and unstructured data and deliver the most comprehensive yet laser focused CIM, ready to be presented to the board.

We validate claims backed up with the evidence that Suzugia obtains from external sources such as social media, news, regulatory repositories, etc. and analysing the market dynamics (macro and idiosyncratic)

Our Predictive Power

Our proprietary AI algorithm not only investigates the past and the current. We offer a forward-looking approach and meaningful predictions leveraging the persistency of “causal relationships”.

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