Solutions for Corporate Venture Investors

SZ- Explore: Sourcing & Investment Selection

  • New investments and follow-ons
  • Industry, product and portfolio synergies

By combining your data, specific criteria and preferences with its extensive base-knowledge, Suzugia broadens your deal sourcing pool. It assists you to maintain a pipeline of high-quality investments by generating deal flows that meet your strategic objective. Let us know the goal of your venture; be it staying ahead of innovation in R&D, disruptive technologies in your field, learning from other industries and markets, or drive an M&A funnel with pure return expectations, Suzugia will tailor a solution for you.

For early stage startups

Suzugia looks into the business idea, the founding team and their ability to execute. The founders’ DNA is one of the key priorities that Suzugia will thoroughly review at this step and explore patterns that present higher likelihood of success of entrepreneurs.

For later stage companies

Suzugia looks into external factors such as the attractiveness of the market, the technology and its applications (if relevant), etc.

SZ- DD: Due Diligence

  • Risk analysis
  • Intelligent information extraction
  • Validating claims
  • Competition Analysis
Due Diligence:

Suzugia supports you with the process of due diligence by diving deep into validating claims, industry and analogous businesses analysis, strategy, technology, the management/entrepreneurial teams, competition landscape and much more.

Risk Report:

A report of any potential risks and opportunities will be provided, allowing you to make a well-informed final decision.

Synergy Report:

In preparation for negotiations, it’s important that there is clear and transparent narrative of the value of the deal for parties on both sides. Suzugia, delivers a synergy report that outlines, what is on offer from each side.

Let's see how Suzugia can help you achieve your corporate venture's objective