Illiquid Markets

Private Equity Investors

Increased popularity of PE investments, calls for securing a competitive edge at every stage of the investment funnel. Experience an unparalleled sourcing and shortlisting, a thorough, efficient and transparent due diligence and continuous monitoring, powered by artificial intelligence.


Venture Capital Investors

Venture is a demanding business; it requires significant commitment of resources dealing with extreme levels of uncertainty and dynamic markets. With an ever-growing number of start-ups born everyday and due to the nature of the industry, information tends to be scattered and incomplete.

Identifying the next unicorns and decacorns calls for doing things differently throughout the process. Suzugia eliminates frustration and significantly increases human productivity throughout the investment process, while taking into account your past performance, investment preferences and style.


Corporate Venture Capital Investors

Irrespective of your corporate venture goal, Suzugia’s proprietary algorithm helps you achieve your strategic objective and augments your team throughout the decision-making process; takes the burden of manual work, expands the search to levels beyond human capacity and empowers them to make better decisions. You can guide Suzugia by integrating your specific data and detailed information on how you define success, how decisions are made by individuals and teams today at your company, and your particular style and preferences. Suzugia offers a solution customised to your strategic angle.


Sourcing, due diligence and beyond, let us know how we can augment your decision making process with the power of artificial intelligence