Solutions for Private Equity Investors

SZ- Explore: Sourcing & Deal Selection

  • Portfolio optimisation report
    1. New investments & add-ons
    2. Best time to exit
  • Risk analysis
Identify deals before they are available broadly

Suzugia supports you by expanding your sourcing pool of investment opportunities based on your specified preferences.

Make well-informed pre-selection for due diligence

The unique pre-selection of your deal flow, saves you valuable time and resources.

It takes two to tango

We map your value-add against your competitors, match them with the needs of the company in question and provide you with convincing arguments on why they should choose you.

SZ- DD: Due Diligence

  • Intelligent information extraction
  • Risk analysis
  • Validating claims
  • Competition Analysis
Gain an edge against other bidders

Given the competition, speed and thoroughness are key. Suzugia enables you to reduce the information asymmetry and makes due diligence faster, more accurate, more insightful, and more efficient and provides you with all there is on your target company with the power of NLP.

Thorough due diligence with the speed of thought, freeing up valuable time of your resources

Suzugia runs a thorough DD, scans the tens of thousands of pages of documents in a typical data-room, analyses the market dynamics and finds what can be found on external sources such as social media, news, regulatory repositories, etc.
All of this is done in an extraordinarily short period of time, freeing up time for you and your team to spend on what you are best at.

Laser focused extracts and reports

We validate claims backed up with the evidence that Suzugia obtains and deliver reports that cover all and only points that matter.

Let's discuss how Suzugia can help you in your investment decision process