Suzugia Signals

SZ- Knowledge & Explore

Our NLP technology enables us to encode a large amount of knowledge in economics, macroeconomics, finance, technology and geopolitics initialised with various corpus from a large variety of data sources in a notably short period of time

Current offerings on the market can be summarised in two main categories:

  • Identifying trends: picking hypes from a variety of sources based on the frequency of mentions
  • Sentiment analysis: scores that indicate the optimism, pessimism or neutrality of identified trends

In addition to these 2 dimensions, Suzugia’s proprietary NLP captures significance and causality, enabling a predictive and forward looking approach. In other words, Suzugia identifies significant future trends before they break out into mainstream platforms and reports.

How do we predict future trends?

As trends are the symptom of underlying conditions, Suzugia doesn’t stop at current trend spotting. It goes beyond “the effect” and by utilising our technology to measure significance and sensemaking, discovers the “root cause”, enabling us to predict potential future events.


SZ- Investment Signals

Suzugia quantitative models relies on a large pool of market observables such as prices levels, realised returns, higher moments and implied volatility surfaces forming a high dimensional hypercube of data with complex interdependencies. Permanent fundamental and emerging factors are captured using non-linear dimension reduction techniques
  SZ-Signals are:
  • A product of real AI
Our algorithm uses NLP and causality analysis to detect and anticipate major themes and translates them into financial investment opportunities
  • Unique
Our method captures market dynamics via a novel multi-asset-class model and makes decisions based on a non-linear combination of key factors
  • Transparent
Suzugia provides you with the explanation and underlying reason behind the signals and recommendations that it will provide
  • Monitored 24/7
Our signals are provided on a daily basis, however the continuous inflow of data allows more accurate monitoring, prediction of trends and therefore enhanced signals

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