AI-powered Investment Solutions for Venture Capital Investors

SZ- Explore: Sourcing & Investment Selection

  • New investments and follow-ons
  • Synergies and portfolio fit
Suzugia broadens your deal sourcing pool

and assists you to maintain a pipeline of high-quality investments. We generate deal flows that are more likely to have higher returns. Our AI-powered predictive model identifies investment opportunities before they are available broadly.

It provides you with a short-list of investable deals

that match your portfolio, your investment style and unique decision-making process, while banking on a wealth of knowledge and information that is learning from numerous structured and unstructured traditional and alternative data sources.

SZ- DD: Due Diligence

  • Validating claims
  • Risk analysis
  • Intelligent information extraction
  • Competition Analysis

Suzugia supports you with a thorough process of due diligence. Diving deep into validating claims, industry analysis, strategy, technology, the team, competition landscape and more.
It will provide you with a report of any potential risks and opportunities to consider, allowing you to make a very well-informed final decision.

SZ- Matching

  • Identifying the best investor-investment matches

Suzugia uses intelligent proprietary AI algorithms to identify the best matches of investors and investment opportunities. Reducing the stress and hassle of this wearisome process, saving valuable time and resources for both sides of the deal.

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